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I'm Nannearl Brown, a tech consumer advocate based in Los Angeles, CA. As a naturally inquisitive individual, I am constantly in search of the root causes to problems I encounter when it comes to the consumer experience. I've been trained as a systems engineer to take a goal-oriented approach when solving problems systematically. I believe in enhancing experiences as a whole, and not just within design. The enitre process from the time one discovers a product/service until after they're a regular user provides an experience.

Since I'm in a unique position of being tech-minded and emotionally intelligent, I tend to design human-centered experiences with heart. I'm a passionate UX strategist with a love for story-telling and a knack for research. I care greatly about creating meaningful, intuitive end-to-end experiences for engaging products, especially those with a positive impact. I'm skilled at translating complex business requirements into a delightful and compelling adventure that meets user and business goals. Check out my work above!